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Liberty Emporium Collection Fabric Roll


Fabric : 100 % cotton

Brand : Liberty

Size : Fabric roll

Width : 2.5″

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Liberty Fabrics is perfect for quilting, apparel and home décor. This delicate botanical was based on a fabric swatch from the Liberty archive, dating from around the 1880’s. A simple yet detailed monochrome print, featuring outlined oriental flowers including stylised carnations and exotic palm-shaped leaves. The beautiful organic lines of this design are reminiscent of wood carvings and decorative plaster work found within the iconic Liberty store.

The latest quilting collection from Liberty Fabrics is inspired by the historic architecture and interiors of Liberty’s iconic London flagship store. The Emporium Collection’s eclectic mix of floral, paisley and geometric designs

10 x 2.5″ strips




Fabric roll


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