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Pony Advent Calendar


  • Gorgeous PONY Advent Calendar makes the run up to Christmas glorious fun.
  • Designed to bring happiness along with many beautiful tools and accessories to make knitting, crochet and sewing a joy.
  • Adventure lies behind each wonder-filled box for every day during the count down to Christmas.
  • Containing PONY treats to bring joy to your festive projects, each of the 24 boxes includes a fabulous tool.

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Each door conceals a high quality Pony knitting, sewing or crafting item to delight any crafter. For example: snap fasteners; thimble; wool needles; yarn darners; short darners; embroidery floss skeins; embroidery fabric; needle threaders; stitch markers; point protectors; interchangeable tips and cable; end-caps; crochet hooks; pick-up needle; pins; stitch holder; row counter; maple knitting needles; cable needle; cross stitch kit.


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